Practice Charter

You have the right to access the services we provide according to your clinical need. You can view your medical records if you are registered with patients access.

You have the right to express a preference to receive services from particular practitioner either generally or in relation to any particular condition, unless there is a reasonable ground for refusing to provide service to the patient or does not routinely perform the service in question within the practice.

You have the right to expect a standard of care that would reasonably be provided by one of the Doctors or Practice Nurses. You have the responsibility to look after your health and to help clinicians to help you.

You have the responsibility to attend appointments punctually and cancel appointments that you are unable to attend.

All staff and patients at the practice have the right to be treated with mutual respect.

Any incidence of verbal or physical abuse or threats of violence will not be tolerated and where necessary the police will be called and you will be removed from our practice list.

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